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It is enough to walk slowly through the streets between the estates of the past ones to fall in love with this shady calmness.

Times change, but Lypky remains the most respectable place to live.

Parks and squares

Morning in the park. A light jog in the silence of the green alley. Thoughts and plans under the slow awakening of the city.

So quiet, so far from the hustle and bustle, and by the way, in the historic center, where architecture and the mood of different eras colorfully coexist.

Restaurants and cafes

Strong coffee, fragrant pastries and news for breakfast. Favorite place and cozy interior give the right mood for a productive day.

Theaters and cultural events

On Tuesday - the premiere of the play at the Franko Theater, on Thursday - the opening of a new exhibition at the "Art Arsenal".

Contemplate modern and classical art, attend the most important cultural events, live in the atmosphere of events.

Sights of the city

Imagine yourself as a guide and walk through all the sights of Kyiv, retelling the pages of Kyiv’s history to your children or friends.


Visit the showroom of a talented Ukrainian designer, buy the best in the passage of branded stores, walk through fashionable shopping malls. Special things are where there are special people.